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Born and raised in Malaysia, hails from humble beginnings out of a WhatsApp chat group that was setup with one aim and one aim only, which was to not look like fools in our private leagues and cause ourselves major embarrassments.

We slowly evolved into formidable foes in Malaysian leagues that led us to organize our own leagues with exciting prizes. Needless to say, this kept us up all night when the stakes got higher to research and analyze to better our teams.

There’s no turning back to the long hours consumed and there is nothing to show for it to be honest with you besides the fact that we have team members reaching the Top 0.01% globally and the Top 25 in Malaysia. As you can see as clear as light in day, we’re not holding Harvard Degrees with those stats, but rather a bunch of professionals from the marketing, technology and engineering spectrum working on a solution so that you can sleep better at night.

We created this site so that we can do the prowling for you and then hopefully present the news you need in an informative and maybe even, entertaining way to give you the edge over your peers.

The site will bring you football news but from the perspective of a Fantasy Football Manager. Every bit of news we post on this site will assess the impact on your fantasy team. The site is not affiliated to any particular Fantasy Football game, but the stuff you’ll read here will hopefully be useful to you, no matter which game you’re playing.

We pledge that we will empower you with information updated regularly and it then comes down to you to make full use of what you find here. We endeavor to keep the site fun and engaging while making it also rewarding. You would find this site to be fresh with ideas as we try out new things with you and for you. Not to forget we have podcasts that will continuously interact and engage with you throughout the week.

Go on now, enough of us and let’s get on with your story…….

If you would like to be part of our community writers, please reach out to

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  • Salah (47%)
  • Rashford (2%)
  • Sterling (18%)
  • Aguero (10%)
  • Aubameyang (8%)
  • Kane (14%)

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Born and raised in Malaysia from humble beginnings out of a Whatsapp Chat Group setup-ed w


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